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What is the difference between UX Design and Graphic Design?

For me, UX Design often involves an end product such as a website, app, or software, and the overall design revolves around the user experience (UX) using that product. Graphic Design often involves things like print content (flyers, brochures, etc.), social media content (graphics for posts, stories, etc.).


I have been doing UX for about 6 years now. I began my UX journey while working for Ancestry. I was a Product Manager working in the AncestryProGenealogists department. That department is primarily made up of professional genealogists, researching the genealogy of clients all over the world.

My responsibility as Product Manager and UX Designer (simultaneously) was to manage and design their internal CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). The CRM was custom built to suit the unique needs of genealogy research and client relationship management.



There are several design methodologies out there, but for the most part I follow the Lean UX method. Many of my clients prefer the lean business model because this is typically the most efficient for us and delivers great results.

The lean approach allows us to quickly, and efficiently, come up with ideas, build something, and test it with users (customers). Using the data we gather from testing it with users and gathering feedback, we are able to continuously improve and provide customers with products and information they want.

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