Designer, creator, entrepreneur.

Hi! 👋 My name is A.C. Ivory. I am a designer, creator, and entrepreneur. I live in south-central Utah just minutes away from Capitol Reef National Park!

I have been obsessed with technology ever since I was a little kid. Even when I was young, creating and playing with Legos, I was typically building some space station, computer lab, or something for my little Lego people to use some sort of technology. I also remember building my first website when I was 11 — it was build on Geocities. 🤪

I often refer to myself as a technology geek. 🤓 I love using technology to help my clients create beautiful websites, functioning apps and software, and improving their business needs.


I was a product manager and product design at Ancestry for over 6 years. The other 4 years prior to those I spent researching the genealogy and ancestry of clients all over the world.

Now, I spend my time working with my own clients as well as enjoying the beautiful place my husband and I live. We have a cute little farmhouse, built in 1911, on a little over an acre, a 20-tree orchard, a garden and greenhouse, 7 chickens, and a cute little dog named Hampton.

I love helping my clients go from idea to reality. Let me help you creates something amazing!


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